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Baptist Care Australia supports the Raise the Rate campaign

Date published: Thursday 16 July 2020

Category(ies): Feature

The Raise the Rate for Good campaign is crucial to reducing poverty and inequality in Australia, with the goal to fix the social security 'safety net' for good so that Australian's are kept out of poverty. The poverty line, as determined by experts, is between $480 and $500 per week for a single person with no children, including housing costs.

The campaign has three key recommendations:
1. That the new JobSeeker Payment of $560 per week and the new Youth Allowance Payment (including the 'Coronavirus Supplement') be kept in place until our social security system is fixed for good so that it keeps people out of poverty, with an income of $500 per week for a single person.
2. Ongoing indexation of payments in line with wage movements at least twice per year.
3. Establishment of a Social Security Commission to advise the Parliament on the ongoing adequacy of income support payments.

How can you support the campaign?

1. Online statement of support
The Statement of Support is now live on the Raise the Rate website
Sign the Statement of Support as an individual or organisation to show your support 

2. Show your support on social media
- Like Raise the Rate on Facebook
- Follow and retweet ACOSS on Twitter
- Share the Anti Poverty Week tiles on your own social media pages using the Promotional Kit

How else can you get involved?

1. Send a Proforma letter – can be adapted for use with Federal Members of Parliament, Premiers, other key decision makers:
- Prime Minister Scott Morrison
- Treasurer Josh Frydenberg 
Twitter @JoshFrydenberg
- Minister for Families and Social Services Anne Ruston
Twitter @Anne_Ruston
You're also strongly encouraged to contact your local Federal MP, particularly if they are a Member of Government.

2. Conduct your own survey
- Particularly for service providers or organisations that work with people receiving JobSeeker Payment, Youth Allowance etc.

We appreciate your support of this campaign.