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Courage Through Crisis

Date published: Thursday 26 November 2020

Category(ies): Feature

Yesterday, Wednesday 25th of November 2020, we hosted our first ever virtual End of Year Event thanks to our Presenting Partner, HESTA and were joined by over 500 of our Baptist care colleagues across the nation!

2020 saw us forced to cancel our National Conference and seemingly leaving us without an opportunity to bring the Baptist care ‘family’ together. As the year progressed and we experienced the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, it became apparent that there was a real opportunity for us to host a virtual event to not only bring members together but to help motivate and inspire them into 2021.

2020 has thrown many a scenario at us as individuals and organisations in which to survive, we showed our true courage, and this is worth recognition, acknowledgement and celebration. So that’s exactly what we did!

Board Chair, Russell Bricknell opened the event alongside Reverend Steve Ingram of Australian Baptist Ministries who delivered a reflection on the story of a courageous woman in the middle of a crisis that resonated with our experiences this year.

Reverend Tim Costello was the opening keynote presenter and discussed ‘Courage, Faith and Compassion’. Tim’s awareness and clarity resonated with attendees and to use some of their own words, felt Tim’s wise words of compassion and love were truly inspirational.

Our very own Executive Director, Nicole Hornsby then spoke about ‘Our Future of Advocacy’ and invited representatives from key advocacy partners and campaigns (Everybody’s Home, ACOSS ‘Raise the Rate for Good’, and Aged and Community Services Australia) to speak to the importance of our relationships.

That led us perfectly into arguably the most exciting (yet highly emotional) session of the day where Events and Member Services Coordinator, Zanthe Heaton took us on a virtual trip around the nation to each of our members to hear how they displayed ‘Courage through Crisis’. In hearing about the challenges and triumphs faced around the nation, many goosebumps were felt, tears shed, and smiles spread – this certainly was an inspiring and proud moment for all.

Emma Gee rounded out the day discussing ‘Developing Resilience: Dual Insights from a Provider and Recipient’. Attendees enjoyed Emma’s poignant and telling presentation style and her story of resilience, perseverance and courage.

Our event would not have been possible without the generous contributions from our event sponsors and we would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their continued support. They believed in our vision and came along with us on the journey to support us and our members through 2020.


We also extend a huge thank you to our speakers, Reverend Steve Ingram, Reverend Tim Costello and Emma Gee – your authentic presentations motivated and inspired us all.

‘Courage through Crisis’ was a wonderful opportunity for the Baptist family to reunite in what has been a year full of challenges. We are excited for what 2021 holds and hope to see everybody again soon!