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IHACPA Pricing Framework for Australian Residential Aged Care - Submission

Date published: Thursday 31 August 2023

Category(ies): News, Feature

In collaboration with our members, Baptist Care Australia has provided a submission to the IHACPA Consultation on the Pricing Framework for Australian Residential Aged Care Services 2024-25.

This submission responds to the IHACPA consultation paper, addressing the following considerations:

  • principles for activity based funding in aged care; 
  • the AN-ACC funding model; 
  • developing aged care pricing advice; 
  • adjustments to the recommended price; and 
  • other comments not directly related to questions posed by IHACPA. 

We are confident that IHACPA has the skills and competencies to build a sophisticated understanding of aged care pricing, but that they are starting with a low knowledge base. As a network, we will continue to do what we can to provide IHACPA with the information needed to develop their expertise to ensure fair and accurate pricing advice moving forward.

We thank all members and residential aged care contacts who contributed to the submission.