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Justice 2021 - Toward a more just Australia

Date published: Friday 15 October 2021

Category(ies): Feature

Justice 2021 - Toward a more just Australia

In August, as part of Converge, Australian Baptist Ministries launchedJustice 2021: Toward a More Just Australia, a report into eight specific justice issues where Baptists, as is mentioned in the report, have 'skin in the game'.

'The report is a strong reminder that Australian Baptists are front and centre on the major issues confronting Australians and will be a critical resource for Baptists interested in those issues,' said Nicole Hornsby, Executive Director of Baptist Care Australia, and a co-author of the report.

Baptist Care Australia joined with other affiliates to publish the Justice 2021 report, which calls for action by the Australian Parliament and the Commonwealth Government to move our soceity towards a great realisation of justice.

Justice is fundamental to every society that values the wellbeing of all its members. In the Christian tradition, to which the Australian Baptist churches belong, justice is grounded in the conviction that the earth and its resources are the gifts of God for the sustaining of all life, and that human communities are to be both the recipients and the stewards of this divine generosity.

We were excited to see over 90 Baptist affiliates from across the nation join us for our virtual briefing and continue to monitor outcomes of local politician meetings.

You can read the report here: